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Most cases have a variety of options available to them. They include:

The RoadRunner option is comprised of (2) items: the pull-out handle and the tilt wheels. This option is available on all styles of cases though may be limited to size and weight of your particular case. (Note: When cases are longer than 34" in length the pull-out handle is replaced with a standard dish handle as the case will be long enough to comfortably pull it behind you.)




Our caster option includes 4 swivel casters in a size of either 4" diameter X 1 1/4" wide or 4" diameter X 2" wide depending on weight of case and contents. Locks can also be added to casters for an additional charge. All casters are attached to a minimum of a 3/4" birch casterboard.

4dia X 1 caster pic coming soon.

4dia X 2 caster pic coming soon.

4dia X 2 caster pic coming soon.


Scorpion's exclusive combination lock exceeds all other case locks on the market for 2 reasons: A) It is a removable lock that remains flush with the case which protects it from getting torn off, and B) should damage occure to the lock you merely need to order another lock. This means you can fix the problem yourself, saving you repair costs and the freight costs of shipping it back to us, as well as the fact that you do not have to take the case out of circulation while it is being repaired.

Combo lock overview.

Closeup of combo lock.