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ATA Spec 300
The Scorpion ATA Spec 300 case is the most durable of all the styles we offer. Provided in 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" thicknesses (depending on the size, weight, and fragileness of your equipment) this style is ideal for all modes of transportation, but specifically manufactured to withstand the brutality of constantly being shipped through common carriers whether it is airline baggage, UPS/FedXetc., or any form of truck freight. All interiors are foam lined and compartmentalized as needed to fit your equipment. Foam thickness is determined by the weight and sensitivity of your equipment. We will recommend layout and foam thicknesses during the quoting processes.

Remember, all case styles can be custom manufactured to your specifications starting with the inside usable space, partitions, thickness of foam lining, and exterior dimensions.

Nearly all small package carriers such as UPS, FedX, and airline carriers regulate the size and weight of packages that you can ship with them. Contact your carrier to confirm your case will be accepted. We can provide size and weight during the quoting stage.

Most cases have a variety of options available to them. These options include our Roadrunner option, locks, casters (4 swivel wheels - with or without locks) for easy transporation, and forklift skids. See our hardware page for a broader description of these options.
  ATA construction diagram. 
(A) ABS plastic laminate backed by 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" wood.
(B) Aluminum angle edging machine fastened with split rivets.
(C) Nickel plated steel split rivets.
(D) Steel corners.
(E) Steel recessed twist latches.
(F) Spring loaded steel recessed handles.
(G) Steel edge braces.
(H) Aluminum tongue and groove.

ATA construction diagram - Interior.

Misc. tradeshow case C - Exterior.

Misc. tradeshow case C - Interior.

POC Style case - Exterior.   Shown with caster option.

Large format LCD monitor case - Exterior.   Shown with caster option.

Large format LCD monitor case - Interior. 

Misc. tradeshow case B - Exterior.  Shown with optional locking casters.

Misc. tradeshow case B - Interior.  Shown with optional locking casters.