Music Gear

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Music Gear
Scorpion manufactures a wide variety case for the music industry. Our services range from light duty cases to store
your equipment in at home to musicians who are constantly on the road.
Common gear we manufacture cases for are:

- Guitar equipment - Electric, acoustic, amps, pedalboards, cabinets
- Keyboards - small electrics to full keyboards, B3's to grand pianos
- Drums - snares, symbols, indivudual drum cases to full sets
- Rackmount cases - Visit our rackmount page.
- brass/stringed/woodwind instruments - trumpets/violins/flute etc.

Most cases have a variety of options available to them. These options include casters (4 swivel wheels - with or without locks) for easy transporation,
forklift skids, locks, and our RoadRunner option. See our hardware page for a broader description of these options.
1/4 ATA Marshall head case. 


Steinway 9ft piano & stool case. - Exterior. 

1/4 ATA keyboard case - Exterior. 

1/4 ATA keyboard case - Interior.