Scientific Instruments

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Scientific Instruments
Over the years we have manufactured a wide range of scientific instrument cases from fortune 500 companies to military R&D contractors to startups with innovative ideas.

- R&D prototypes
- Sales staff presentation models
- Upgrade and repair kits
- Sensitive military equipment
- Calibration instruments

Most cases have a variety of options available to them. These options include casters (4 swivel wheels - with or without locks) for easy transporation, forklift skids, locks, and our RoadRunner option. See our hardware page for a broader description of these options.
Scientific Instrument - Exterior. 

Scientific Instrument - Interior. 

Scientific repair kit - Exterior.

Scientific repair kit - Interior 1.

Scientific repair kit - Interior 2.

Scientific repair kit - Interior 3.

Custom electronic equipment - Exterior.

Custom electronic equipment - Interior.