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Computer Equipement
In today's world companies travel extensively with a wide variety of computer equipment. Common requests we receive for cases include:

- Monitor cases - LCD and CRT monitors.
- Large format LCD monitors and Plasma cases. (See Pic B-B1)
- Laptop cases - holding any quantity of laptops. (See pic C-C1)
- CPU cases- cases to hold 1 to multiple CPU's.
- All in one - cases to hold complete systems. (See pic D-D1)
- Printers - small bubble jets to 100lb laser printers (See pic E)
- Rackmount computers - (See pic F) Visit our rackmount page.

Keep in mind that if you are going to ship your equipment via commercial airline, each airline regulates the size and weight of each case they will accept. It is also important to make sure that the cases you are purchasing will actually fit into your car or van (and the rental car at your destination) if this is a neccessary requirement. We can provide you with the size and weight of each case during the quoting process.

Most cases have a variety of options available to them. These options include casters (4 swivel wheels - with or without locks) for easy transporation, forklift skids, locks, and our RoadRunner option. See our hardware page for a broader description of these options.
Desktop LCD monitor case - Exterior. 
Desktop LCD monitor case - Interior. 
Desktop LCD monitor case - Interior. 


Multiple computers case - Exterior.   Shown with caster option. Multiple computers case - Interior.
Large format LCD monitor case - Exterior.   Shown with caster option. Large format LCD monitor case - Interior.

8 laptops case - Exterior.   Shown with Roadrunner & combo lock options.

8 laptops case - Interior.   Shown with misc. storage compartment.

All in 1 computer systems - Exterior.

All in 1 computer system - Interior.

Small printer case.

Shockmount rack.

6 LCD monitors case - Exterior.

6 LCD monitors case - Interior.

Hard Drive Case - Anti-static foam.

Single server case w/ removable front & rear lids.

Custom server rack - Exterior.

Custom server rack - Interior.